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A report book you can erase at the end of your shift! The first of it's kind, this beautifully designed template helps you through your chart check, your shift and your bedside report! 

The guide at the bottom allows you to cross off when your chart check, assessment, plan of care, education, outcome and I/Os are completed and charted. There is a place for everything so you never forget to check important information!

Each report book comes with an ultra fine point black permanent sharpie marker and a couple alcohol swabs so you can give it a test right away! Follow us on instagram @moxieprn to see it in action!


  • Tabbed pages for easy flipping
  • Stores up to 6 patient's info at a time
  • Designed for medsurg/pcu patients
  • Perfect pocket size 5.5" x 7.25"
  • Designed with microban technology


  • Fill out info with permanent marker
  • Dries in seconds, no smearing
  • Update and find information as needed
  • Track your documentation
  • Wipes clean with alcohol wipes

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Customer Reviews

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Great idea, still needs work.

I have used this for nine 12hr shifts and I'm still finding this hard to use. I'm on a med/surg floor and usually have 6 patients per shift. The most difficult part I have found is when I'm discharging and admitting multiple patients a shift. I still need to do some documenting on the patient I discharged, but I'm getting an admit before I can get that documenting done. So I end up getting a paper sheet to get report with anyways. It has also been difficult when I have the same patient for multiple days. I try "erasing" my previous check list of things to do and medications, but it just smudging up other parts of the page. Another annoyance has been cleaning off the pages at the end of shift. I thought the purple wipes would work for this, but it takes longer to clean this than it takes to just toss the papers in the shredder box. This thing was expensive and I really wanted it to work, but I think I'm just going to go back to paper report sheets.