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Great size

Great size and love that it only erases with an alcohol wipe

Pop-In Pages: Extra Patient Pages for MedSurg & PCU (Set of 3)

Moxie brain

Awesome! My only brain now!! Goodbye paper brain!!

Absolutely love my med-surg breeze! No paper is fabulous! It keeps me organized

Nice blank pages

Great additional pages for extra notes, works great, easy to assemble. No scratches or bents noted.

Pop-In Pages: Extra Patient Pages for MedSurg & PCU (Set of 3)

Amazing products!

Really love these products, excellent quality and easy to clean, especially in today’s world!

Helps me pretend to have my s*** together

If you are anything like me.. Paper report sheets by the end of your shift look like they got in a fight with a hungry polar bear... And lost. Now all my stuff is neat clean and organized all shift! It also saves me from having to flip through pages and pages of notes when a doc or belligerent family member decides on a midshift pop quiz! I have had MULTIPLE coworkers inquire about my new report sheet system and all but drool over it! Yea, I'm enjoying my reign as the unit nurse that has her shizz together... Or at least it looks like I do.

Love this

Super functional! I am an ICU nurse and I make this template work. Looking forward to the upcoming ICU ones though!

Pop-In Pages: Blank (Set of 3)

Like it but don’t like it

I like the book and the concept. It works well and the blank pop in pages are great. The down fall... the amount of alcohol swabs it takes to clean it up and the fact I have to use my fingernail to scrub some spots. I have found that green sharpie wipes away the best without staining.

Love this product. Helps to keep me organized at work. Easy to clean. I recommend buying some of the blank pages to use for notes. Overall very happy with my purchase!

10/10 recommend. Works well and haven’t had to charge often. :)


Perfect size. Love the set up. Can't wait to use it at work!

Love it, but ...

I love the convenience of having a re-useable report
Book but it can get pretty messy when wiping it clean. It’s actually kinda tedious to wipe it clean. Also, wish they had a precaution section like fall, seizure, radiology section, and room for date of admission

Awesome Organizer

I bought this med surg organizational tool and so far, I love it! There's pretty much a spot for everything. The only down side is the amount of alcohol wipes it takes to clean it. A friend and I are going to make mini alcohol spray bottles to clean them though. So, problem solved! I'd recommend this product to other med surg nurses looking for a small and handy organizational tool for work.

Love it 😍

Love it so much :) it was easy to snap in and it sure looks like it came with it ! So much compliments from my co workers in fact they asked for the website where I got it from and one nurse ordered it right there for him and his wife :) every time someone sees it I get compliments . It’s cool , chic and I’m saving papers :) easy to clean .

Pop-In Pages: Blank (Set of 3)

Awesome nursing tool

I LOVE the report notebook! When I purchased it I also got the blank pages to add extra notes and it is perfect! I highly recommend! I use it every shift!

Pop-In Pages: Blank (Set of 3)

Just Awesome

This product is so handy for me as a nurse. I am able to use it to help me know things about my patient for the report and having the area for notes is a plus. I would recommend any nurse to buy this.

My cousin who recently graduated and is no a RN loves this

Covid Strikes

I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my daughter who lives and works in an urgent care office in a different state. I received it on time from you but unfortunately, the package was delivered to her after Christmas and... after she contacted Covid-19. She is still at home recovering and hasn't been able to use your product yet.

Always Losing Everything, I'm a mess

But thankfully with the Breeze I have everything together and don't forget things in report. Unfortunately I am left handed so writing in it can be a pain. And while I am thankful not to have reams of paper scraps, pretty sure the alcohol swab cleaning technique is doing more damage to the environment then my prior report sheet system.

Pop-In Pages: Blank (Set of 3)