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Its ok

This is really great idea but isn’t that practical for me. If a page accidentally gets a little alcohol on it, that page and a page it’s touching will instantly smudge. Cleaning off pages for a new patient take more time to thoroughly clean and require multiple alcohol swabs. Finally, the layout just doesn’t work as well for me. Not enough room for history and summary of current hospitalization, in addition to other sections.

Great for Nurses and Nursing Students

Bought the Med-Surg book with 3 extra blank pages to use while I’m in nursing school! What a fabulous buy! The nurse I was assigned to had one and showed me how it works. Went home and got one right away! Works great with a rainbow of colored sharpie markers too! I will be a repeat customer!!!

Improvement ideas:

You should consider of editing the icu
It's very in general, for instance:
* Card : you can add goal map- GMAP
Pacemaker, EF%

*MS : if the patient is stand by assistant 1/2/3/, or stby assistant?

Resp: Room air option -RA.

Place for patients weight.

Thank you.

Never received

Just what I needed

LOVE LOVE LOVE this book and the blank pages eliminate the need to print my work list. I have enough room for everything I need, while adding a component of minimalism to my nursing routine.

Best thing I have had. I would suggest that you use 91% alcohol. It removes everything no matter how long its been since you wrote on it

Great product

If you are an RN that floats from intermediate care and icu this becomes a little more complicated. when you buy the extra pages they really don’t go anywhere in the book unless you put them inbetween the books already built in pages. I purchased the ICU book and I purchased extra blank pages and intermediate care pages. When I got my ICU book none of the pages in the book are removable. So to insert my blank pages and my intermediate care pages I had to insert them in between two ICU pages. It would also help if the book had a little removable pouch where you can keep alcohol swabs to erase in the book and to keep this speciality marker. That’s really about it. I wish you could build your own book. Like they give the template and you add what you like and don’t like and they just print it. Even if you had to pay more it would be better if your demographic doesn’t need a certain category or if you are for instance specialized and you need something specific.

Breeze Report Book: PCT & CNA

Love it

Awesome tool for report. I have Been looking for something to help with report without fumbling Through a bunch of papers. I do recommend to buy the blank inserts so that you have a little more room to write the extra tidbits and or notes that you need

Breeze Report Book: ICU
Shurrell Ramsay

Breeze Report Book: ICU


Absolutely love this book I use it every day

Excellent report book

High quality, thoughtfully made nursing report book. I appreciate the care that was taken in making, preparing and shipping this book. As a med surg nurse this is an incredibly useful tool. Thank you for all you do. I will recommend it to other nurses.

Nice book

My only issue with this book is how difficult it is to get the marker off!


Love this booklet. It’s great for keeping things organized. Wished it cane with more pages for medications given, notes throughout the day, and maybe even outpatients. Will be buying blank page inserts later for these things! Otherwise, it’s perfect!


Great way to clean and love that it is reusable!

Awesome tool!

I absolutely love this!! I use different colors when I get report all of which have wiped off easily! I use a spray bottle with alcohol in it and a paper towel. I have had no issues! My nephew is a CNA and he loves the one I got for him!! Sharpie retractable markers work best!

Liking it so far

Need to add columns for RASS, CAM, CIWA

So Great!

It's perfect! I love that I don't go through so much paper now, and it keeps all the info handy both during my shift, and for report. I get so many compliments on it too! Love it!!

Nice report tool

I thought the report book was great except for it was a little too small for me personally. I also found that there wasn’t much room to take any type of notes unless you purchase separate pages. All in all it’s a great little report book but unfortunately I will be resorting back to paper sheets for my own personal preference. The book itself is very cute and the sharpie pen does come off easily with alcohol wipes. It’s really neat to not have to worry about something spilling on it or accidentally rubbing off.

Love it!! Works perfect!

Breeze Report Book: ICU

makes it easier

the added space makes it so much easier to get all the info i need when i have an entire unit alone!!!

Breeze Report Book: PCT & CNA

Everyone wants one

I saw one of the girls using them, and I just have to have one. It’s working so well. Unfortunately we are staffed so poorly and I had to buy a few more pages to accommodate 12 patients. I love it.

Med surg breeze

Haven’t used it yet but looks fantastic.