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Love it!

I saw the AD and I thought I would give it a try. Totally worth it!! I was so nervous to use the permanent marker but it did come off pretty easy. If I remembered to erase it after my shift it came off easier but even after sitting for a couple days I just had to use a couple more alcohol wipes. And for the price it’s soooo worth it!

I love it! I agree with one of the other reviews that said not liking how the front cover is not blank. Other than that this has been extremely beneficial! (New nurse here!)


The only this is I wish it was blank on the first page so it would have a ISBAR side and then a blank for notes. I don’t like how the inside of the cover is not blank. But other than that I am loving it

Report book.

I LOVE my report book. The ICU unit I work in has gone away from kardex’s. I liked having the information readily available. This has everything that I need to help me keep on track and on task with each patient. I have other coworkers that liked mine as well. I ordered multiple and have recommended it to multiple others that have since purchased theirs.

Pop-In Pages: Blank (Set of 3)

Hip Pack
Michelle Ritchie
Just amazing

I love my hip pack, it’s cute and I no longer have to worry about shoving stuff in my pockets

Hip Pack
Marissa Roman
Moxie PRN book

Fast delivery! I love the book. It is easy to clean. Fits right in my pocket!

Great Tool

I have really enjoyed the reporting tool. Several of my coworkers have asked where I got it and have already ordered.

Breeze Report Book: Med-Surg & PCU


Very comfortable and convenient book. I like it!

What a success

All the nurses I work with, are asking about it!!!

Quite Useful!

Loving the moxy so far! I bought the standard pages, the ICU pages, and blank pages. The ICU ones turned out to be not as useful for me in my current position (Med-Surg) as I thought they would be, but I use the standards and the blanks quite heavily. I use wet erase pens with them, and at the end of my shift I just run them under the faucet in the break room and wipe them dry.

Breeze Report Book: ICU
Michelle Ritchie
Report book

I’m a writer and I absolutely adore this book. No more crumpled paper, especially if I return and have the same assignment. Even got the blank pages to add in to jot things on the fly. This thing is amazing!

Awesome notebook

Love it! It has all the things that I need for my ICU reports!

Breeze Report Book: ICU
Anthony Parker
She loves it

Bought as a Christmas gift for my wife. She loves it!

STAT clean bottles

I love love love these! When we couldn't find disinfecting wipes i had bought lots of the dry wipes which you could then add your own disinfectant. I am now the Queen of Clean at the end of the shift with these spray bottles!

Love it!!!

My first day with it all my coworkers were asking where I got it from and how they loved it!! The only thing I would change would be maybe a little more space for the back story/ imaging results. I love it and recommend!!

Breeze Report Book: ICU
Derek Jake Benoit-Wylie
Love. Love. Love.

I saw a coworker with this book and I had to have one. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! No more papers to keep track of, just one little book in my scrub pockets. The ICU book is very detailed and has space for all my information. I also purchased blank pages to add to the book. They give me space to write all of the random things that happen during my shift.


In all the craziness it's wonderful to have my "brains" as a checklist in an INDESTRUCTIBLE form!

I love it!

Freaking amazing

I love it! It helps me look like I’ve got it together! Seriously helps that I can flip it out anytime!

Med surg

Love it but I wonder if it can be arranged in a landscape view. Over all, genius. Thank you.

Pop ins

Great space for additional notes.


Love it

Hip Pack
Marli Mohammad

Hip Pack