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Great nursing tool

I loved this tool to help me care for my patients. I am not using a lot of paper and can easily wipe down the notebook to prevent any HIPAA violations that could come with using paper. The blank pages are great for taking notes when patients return from surgery or are transferred from another unit.

Best Report Book

I love it!! It works with my sharpies which makes it even better. A MUST HAVE for nurses.

Love it!

Everyone in my class wants to order one now for clinical.

Breeze Report Book: ICU
Kristen Humphries
Love this!

Absolutely fantastic. Makes my shift more organized and helps plan ahead.


So easy to pop in, definitely love having the option to have a space for notes!

Super helpful! Just not big enough

I like the Moxie report book. I have two suggestions: #1 - please make a larger book as an option. I would love a larger space to write on. #2 - please make a small notes section on the report page. Other than those two things, I really enjoy the moxie prn med-surg report book. I use it during work as well as during my clinical rotations for nursing school. I love that it saves paper also.

Breeze Report Book: Med-Surg & PCU

Report Book

I copied some of my coworkers and got the book. Mainly because it is harder to lose than my old brain-a single piece of paper folded into quarters and each patient got a square. It was always falling out of my pocket.
1. Fits in pants cargo pocket. Makes a thump when you drop it so you know.
2. Cover so more HIPPA compliant when you have to leave it.
1. It takes a million alcohol wipes. I clean it at home with a bottle of alcohol and microfiber cloth
2. I’ve erased/smudged stuff when the hand sanitizer wasn’t 100% dry
3. There’s spots for stuff I do t use or care about.

1. You need to include a legend when you send it out. For example One of my coworkers had no idea what the fish bone was.

Pop in pages

So far I’ve used these more than the printed pages.

Breeze Report Book: Blank
Kimberly pickett
Great for multiple purposes

I’ve ordered multiple books now but only had issues with one. I contacted the company, verified my order and had a new one shipped with no extra cost or other questions! Every nurse I’ve worked with has asked where I got it and a few have even ordered them. I highly recommend these. They’ve fit in all different kinds of scrub pockets as promised

Med surg

Overall it's great! But can be difficult to erase

Breeze Report Book: PCT & CNA
Danielle Durand aww

Bought 2 books and 2 drop ins. Love these!

Travel nurse, PCU and Telemetry

I love my Moxie! It never fails, no matter what hospital, the nurses are intrigued by my book. So convenient and I love that I can reuse it over and over!

LPN med surg


Great for Nursing!

This is a great product! I would recommend this for any nurse, whether they work in the hospital or in a field position. It's portable and easy to manage and it follows HIPAA guidelines that you can erase data once your shift is over. Also, if you use another Sharpie other than the clicker type, you can use a Mr clean eraser with water and clean the pages right up. No damage done and works like brand new. Love this product!


High quality. Really comes in handy.

Breeze Report Book: ICU

Bandage Scissor
Catherine Foster
Love them

These scissors come in very handy. They're not too big, so they fit in your pocket nicely.

Awesome product

Easy to use and clean. Format is easy to follow and helps with giving shift report. Would definitely recommend this product.

Hip Pack
Shavonne Cummings
Hip Pack

After receiving the hip pack and using it for a couple of weeks, I’ve come to the conclusion that I like it. I like that my scissors, flushes, and other items that I need to work my shift are not in my pockets. I rarely have anything in my pockets now. The only negative is the strap that holds the tap lost the ring on one side so now I have to keep them on the other side. I just like having the option to hook it across the pack. Overall I like it.

Med surg

Nice but price is no where near worth it. The ink does not always wipe off clean every time either

It awesome. A lot of my coworkers. Are like that’s so cool!! Where did you get it

icu book with pcu inserts

I loved the idea of product however, because my facility does icu/pcu same unit the way the inserts went in the book didnt make sense. If i put them inside the back cover it separated my icu patients if i put them on the outside the information was exposed.

Mother effing amazing

I swear to god.... this has redu ed my chaotic life. My doctors tell me i seem organized and have my life together and in reality i forget and i have the memory of dory. But writing it down in here and fliping to my patient page makes it sooo much easier and makes it look like i have my life together after a good cry in the med. Room. I effing love it and a complete life changer for sure. From clutter to no clutter.

Best report book

I am a travel nurse and have tried so many ways to keep myself organized and up to date with bedside report and documentation and this is by far the best book I have seen so far. I tried laminating paper sheets, which are not pocket size. I have tried paper, ends up wrinkled, torn, or lost. I love that I can start the next shift with the previous days updates.