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This is my FAVORITE tool!! Not to mention that I accidentally ordered the wrong item… emailed and messaged on Instagram and my ordered was fixed before it shipped!! GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! So extremely pleased!!!

Moxie nurse brain book

Absolutely love it! Order a pack of blank pages and a pack of extra patient pages. Perfect! Lots of compliments and interest in it.

Best report book EVER!!!

This is the best report book I have ever used. I’m a travel nurse and have used many forms of report sheets. This book is set up well and includes everything necessary to receive and give report.I love that I can erase it and it saves in waste of paper. The only downside is there is not much space for medications and notes. I bought the blank pages and have plenty of space that way.


Love the pen so easy to charge, just be careful u don’t loose top as I did

New grad RN

I started a new job in a new city as a new RN grad so I figured I could use all the help I could get to stay organized. The book fits my unit pretty good as a step down unit. I like how I can erase it at the end of the day and can close it and leave it on my work station to help with HIPPA. I've gotten lots of compliments on it. Only complaint is there isn't enough space to write everything so I got the blank pages to add in for extra room. Otherwise I really like it so far!!

Breeze Report Book: Med-Surg & PCU


I love this system and have recommended to several nurses who have ordered

Love the concept

Love the concept but the sharpie does not remove completely from the pages. I have used the provided sharpie and only cleaned with recommended alcohol swabs. The layout is great. It’s super handy to have in my pocket.

Great concept

For the most part I really like the purchase I made. If I could change anything about it it would just be that it was a little bigger.

New report process

I always saw my friends at work with their Moxie report books and they loved them so I finally jumped on the band wagon. I have been making my own report sheets for almost 8 years and I was a little nervous to change things up. I feel so much more organized through my shift and even if it takes 20 alcohol swabs I can still clean off my pages pretty well.

Would be great if we could customize

The layout is fine, but not everyone's brain works the same way. I am having a difficult time adjusting to the placement of everything... and have a hard time with no space for note taking/ updates. I bought the blank inserts and placed them in between the "brain" pages so each pt can have a full blank page for any necessary notes. This helped. However, I think I would enjoy it more were the template customizable.

Breeze Report Book: Labor & Delivery


I ordered this because I love being organized and it helps me stay on track. I absolutely love it and 1000% recommend. I actually ended up getting a tub of pull through alcohol wipes which made it so easy to erase after each shift

Best gift ever !

I absolutely love the set up and options of each specialty.

Breeze Report Book: Labor & Delivery

Great book! Does everything it says it will - protects HIPPA, doesn’t smudge, wipes off clean. I bought 91% rubbing alcohol and put it in a little spray bottle and wipe it off with a paper towel. It works better than alcohol swabs. Only thing to be careful with is if you touch your book without letting hand sanitizer dry it can smudge, but that’s not surprising. All in all, a great nursing tool!

Love it

Easy to clean, easy to carry and plenty of room to take notes.

Breeze Report Book

Love the ease of getting my patient report organized and easy to read. The fishbone diagrams are a plus! The book fits nicely in my lab coat pocket. Takes a little time to clean after my shift, but worth it.

Breeze report book

I work in ICU Stepdown and I bought the med surge/PCU breeze report book because I HATE handling so many loose leaf papers! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this book!! Keeps everything organized! I bought the extra blank pages for my drip titrations, I/O’s and other random things. Keeps me super organized! I get tons of complements from coworkers on it too! I love the look of it as well! At the end of the day when cleaning it I found it to come off quicker if u wipe the alcohol pad in circles and it’s important to take a tissue or something and dry it off after u clean it so each page dries correctly. Fits in my nurse tool Fanny pack perfectly! I’m on the smaller side and my scrubs don’t have HUGE pockets but it would absolutely fit in most people’s pockets! 10/10! I have been recommending to my coworkers to get one! 😊

USB Rechargeable Penlight with Dual Lights

Breeze Report Book: Blank

Report book

Love the report book, simple, easy to use. Keeps all patient information and daily task readily at hand.

Breeze Report Book

Great way to take report, fits easily into your pocket, can get a little messy, would prefer if it was a dry erase book versus using a sharpie. Either way it’s a good little tool to have, prevents you from wasting paper. Thanks Moxie for thinking about the nurses.

Good to write extra info on

Love it!

I hate paper so I love this alternative option! I do not go to work without it!