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MedSurg/PCU: Two Patient Template

MedSurg/PCU: Two Patient Template

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  • Instant Download/Printable PDF template
  • Stores information for two med surg or PCU patients


  • Provides space for patient information, tests, physical assessment, labs, lines, medications and vitals.
  • Includes a place to write down important orders and a to-do list for your shift.
  • Included is a feature to help keep track of what you have charted on each patient. When you have completed the charting, cross off the letter.
    • CC - chart check
    • A - assessment charted
    • P - plan of care updated
    • E - education done and charted
    • O - outcome note for end of shift done
    • F - falls
    • I/O - inputs and outputs updated


To make the fullest use of your paper area click print and in the print preview view change from "fit to scale" to "scale" and play with the percentages until the template covers the full paper size.