Using and Caring for your Breeze!

Below you can find the products that have been approved as compatible with your Breeze!

The guide at the bottom allows you to cross off when your

  • CC - Chart Check
  • A - Assessment
  • P - Plan of Care
  • E - Education
  • O - Outcome
  • F - Falls
  • I/O - intake and outputs

Above the B/L/D - breakfast/lunch/dinner symbols are an area to chart glucose checks if they are needed and I will cross it off once I give insulin! There is a place for everything so you never forget to check important information!

We always encourage creativity and there are many different kinds and colors of permanent markers but please use caution when experimenting with them. Some are more difficult to erase and may stain your Breeze, especially after staying on the page for longer amounts of time! If the marker isn't listed in our approved marker list please test it in small area first! 

Compatible Markers (links for Amazon) found in most Walmart & Target stores

 Black Ultra Fine Point Sharpie Permanent Marker, Retractable

Compatible Wipes (links for Amazon)

If ever you think it could use a refresh 91% isopropyl alcohol from the grocery store and a paper towel will have it looking brand new!


Purple Cavi Hospital Wipes in testing - erases the product well but unsure if the harsher chemicals in the wipe will damage product over time.

Known Incompatible Products

  • hospital hand sanitizer wipes - the aloe in them causes the breeze to become more difficult to write on and more difficult to erase in the future